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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014

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Lo: 51
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Milwaukee ranks 29th in a new list.
Milwaukee ranks 29th in a new list.

Where does Milwaukee rank in "50 Most Social Cities" list?

A new report is out ranking the "50 Most Social Cities." In this case, it's "which cities have the most social businesspeople."

Milwaukee comes in at 29, not too far from our population-based media market rank of 34. San Francisco, San Jose, New York, Ventura and Austin make up the top five. We're tied with a number of cities including Charlotte, Cincinnati and Nashville.

What's your definition of "social?" Chances are it's changed through the years and probably will continue to.

NetProspex, the sales and marketing database company that did this ranking, has something it calls its "social index." It measures "the number of employees with social media profiles across Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook using a corporate email address," and "social connectedness," according to "the number of connections across social networks, including Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and LinkedIn connections."

For its size, I think Milwaukee's a rather connected city. It's also very easy off and online to build relationships. We don't, though, crack the top 50 for "most businesspeople on Twitter" but we're far from Anchorage, AK, the least social city in the survey.

Borders (orange top) and other East Town staff.
Borders (orange top) and other East Town staff.

East Town Association director taking similar post in Fresno

Kate Borders, executive director of the East Town Association, is leaving Milwaukee to take a similar position as president and CEO of PBID Partners of Downtown Fresno, a non-profit group with a similar mission of development, events and promotion.

Borders has run East Town for the past seven years, growing its signature events like Jazz in the Park, the East Town Farm Market, Bastille Days, last weekend's Firkin Festival and others. She's been a champion of several major Downtown issues and has helped spearhead a remodel of two signature Downtown parks.

Personally, Kate's a friend and simply a wonderful person. She's leaving Milwaukee not entirely for another job but, more importantly, to be closer to her family in California.

Borders starts her new job Sept. 15, and will help in the transition and selection of new director at East Town.

Space at former Borders anyone?
Space at former Borders anyone? (Photo: Jay Filter)
A creative use of windows.
A creative use of windows. (Photo: Jay Filter)
Prime location on the Riverwalk.
Prime location on the Riverwalk. (Photo: Jay Filter)
Wisconsin Avenue in Downtown Milwaukee.
Wisconsin Avenue in Downtown Milwaukee. (Photo: Jay Filter)
Borders closed this past winter.
Borders closed this past winter. (Photo: Jay Filter)
Retail, restaurant, other?
Retail, restaurant, other? (Photo: Jay Filter)
Mid-America Real Estate Group is leasing the space.
Mid-America Real Estate Group is leasing the space. (Photo: Jay Filter)

Downtown: Former Borders' space has new "for lease" marketing

Borders opened in Downtown Milwaukee in 2002 in the former Marshall Field's building that now also houses American Society for Quality, Visit Milwaukee, other office tenants and Residence Inn Milwaukee Downtown. It, of course, closed this winter.

Now, the space is being creatively marketed using the prominent windows at the location. 

The new leasing campaign was developed by Jay Filter and contains creative, bold and fun messaging that just might help attract the perfect tenant. Mid-America Real Estate is listing the more than 18,000-square foot space.  

My picks? As I've written, Alterra Coffee would be great. On the retail side, I'd take an Apple Store any day.  

Anyway, enjoy the signage.  I've posted several in the gallery above.

Britain's The Guardian has discovered Milwaukee.
Britain's The Guardian has discovered Milwaukee. (Photo: Dan Bishop, via

Guardian calls Milwaukee "Chicago's cool baby sister"

The Guardian, the most popular U.K. newspaper website, is that latest national media to discover Milwaukee.  A column today by Ellie Watts-Russell sings our city’s praises and toasts Milwaukee as "Chicago’s cool baby sister."

It’s a great piece that gives props to many area places like Bryant’s, Leon’s, Holler House, Comet Cafe and several others.  

The introduction to the piece is solid too, "Milwaukee is just two hours from Chicago yet doesn't get much of a look-in from overseas visitors. But with retro drive-ins, micro-breweries and boutique art galleries, it's the perfect place for a hip city break."  

Read the entire post here.

Hat tip to our designer, Jason McDowell, for pointing this out this morning.